At Signarama Dandenong, we like working with busy people! We know how to make your signage project work nationally or locally. We seek to fully understand your requirements, then make recommendations based on our 13 years experience in the signage and graphics industry. Our Signarama Dandenong Quality Assurance gives you confidence in our abilities, while our photographic proofing process helps you to optimise your signage design and location, while saving time with your internal assessment and approval.

Signarama Australia is a network 99 sign centres located around Australia. We are part of the global Signarama network of more than 850 sign centres located across the globe.

Signarama Dandenong is one of the most experienced Australian Signarama stores in Australia, established in 1998 by Ross and Pam Wade.

At Signarama Dandenong, we consider that knowing what you are doing is just the starting point of a successful business.

Our relationships with our customers is the most important aspect of our business, and the one on which we spend the most time and energy. Our motto is ‘we like to deal with busy people‘ and our experience makes us easy to deal with.

Most of our customers are busy running a business or a department. They want to know that their branding is being looked after, and many need a signage company that can do this across Australia. Our photographic proofing process, detailed estimates, and excellent customer communication through all phases of a project, give our customers confidence. They know that their signs and graphics will perform as intended for a long productive life while fully maintaining their branding standards.

Our success as a business is reflected by our standing within the large Signarama network. Signarama Dandenong is the largest Signarama store in Victoria and one of the largest in Australia. Ross and Pam Wade have received many honours from Signarama internationally. They were inducted into the Signarama Hall of Fame in 2005, have been Mentors to new Signarama owners since 2003. Ross Wade has received the prestigious President’s Award on two occasions and in 2010 was awarded the MVP (most valuable player) award for Signarama for the second time.

Contact Signarama Dandenong today! We will be happy to discuss your branding and signage requirements. You may find that our experience and customer focus is what you have been looking for in the quest to grow your business.